Every person is born as a unique individual . Human Design shows this uniqueness and offers each and everyone a personal life strategy that works as one goes through life. It is a practical system that offers a framework for understanding your uniqueness . It offers a basis for personal development and transformation, during the different phases in your life .

Human Design answers the following questions for you:

• Interaction : How do I interaction with others and with the world around me? How do I meet the others and how do I influenced them? What moves me?

• Direction and purpose : What is my purpose in life ? and what is my contribution to the world, Which direction is the right one for me?

• Talents and conditioning : What are my strengths and limitations? In what way am I conditioned (both by birth and by my environment ) ? How do I deal with frustration and resistance, why do I feel in some situations emotionally or mentally pressured?

Where you are in your life is the result of decisions taken at key moments: for example, relationships, education , employment or housing. The most valuable tool that Human Design offers you, is a decision making strategy that really works, for your unique design. Human Design offers you the opportunity to discover yourself and understand, accept and work with your own nature.
If you know what decisions are good for you, you are in your own strength. Human Design provides insight into how you can function in life, where you impact and challenge others, and where you are impacted and conditioned by others. Given this knowledge you can acept and appreciate yourself fully, and therefore love yourself, and come into your own power and live your life you are born to live.
An analysis of ‘ reading’ gives a very concrete , practical and applicable understanding of the deeper layers of yourself and your relationship to yourself and to others around you. This information can be valuable in your own development , or in your relationship to your spouse or children or other people. You can choose from different types of analysis , according to your own situation clik hier here to read about the types of analysis we offer.