Types of analysis

1. Overview ( short summary )
You will hear more about your strategy and authority, the not-self and your profile. With this analysis you will you get a better idea of what Human Design offers you, and you can better orient yourself to the next steps.

2. Foundation: deep analysis of your individual chart ( foundation reading )
You can also instantly choose a more comprehensive in-depth analysis , which gives you next to your strategy authority , the non-self and your profile more insight into your personality, vulnerabilities and challenges , talents and strengths .
You also understand better how HumanDesign can use to improve . The quality of your life

3. Relationship analysis ( composites )
Here we analyse the combination of two individuals in relationship to each other, such as parent/child , partners, boss/employee, family , etc.
You will gain insight into the opportunities and challenges in the relationship. Recognise where you complement each other and where you have to compromise. You will be more able to understand and accept who the other one is, and how to communicate and develop yourself in the relationship in a healthy way.

4. Family analysis (the Penta)
Specific readings for families, for children and parents. This analysis is based on the Penta software, and gives deep insights into the underlying patterns, interactions and dynamics in a family, small group or community. Here you can also think of the analysis of your family of origin family or working team.

5. Lifecycle: major developmental periods in your life
Each stage of life is characterized by sensitivity to specific issues and challenges. Human Design offers insight and support in these periods :

Return of Saturn (age 28-32)
Mid – Uranus (age 38-42)
Return of Kiron (age 47-53 years)

6. Analysis for the year ahead
This is a variation on the life cycle analysis , focusing on the next year of life ( starting one year from your birthday ). This analysis will give you more insights and make you more aware of your growth opportunities and challenges in this period (trend , new opportunities and potential resistance, important meetings), so you are better prepared for the new period.

7. Analysis of your life purpose ( Incarnation Cross’ analysis)
When you have lived your Human Design strategy for some time and have followed inner authority , you will gradually come on your own path on the way to realize your own life’s purpose.
This analysis will give you further insights into your life purpose, what you can learn in this life, what the “stage” of your life is, and how you can get to where you were you are supposed to be, on your own path. ( live the life you are born to it live).

8. For parents : Who is my child and what are his or her specific talents and needs?
Every child is different. As a parent you are regularly challenged to understand your child and communicate with him/her. Human Design shows you the individual characteristics of your child so that you can appreciate and educate your child in accordance with his / her specific design.
You learn how to communicate and support your child and reinforce his qualities and strength and minimise negative conditioning. You van teach and support your child to take the correct decisions in life from an early age.