Living Your Design Workshops: Taking you on a captivating journey through the Human Design System

This 2-day workshop will lead you down a wonderful path of self-discovery. It will assist you with your own personal growth by providing a deeper understanding of living your design. Whether you are primarily interested in your own personal development, or work as a professional coach/therapist … this information will give you clear insights about your unique being. You will increase your ability to live a more successful, prosperous, enjoyable and fulfilling life.

The most important aspect of this class is that it gives you the understanding about how to start your experiment and start living your design. It is a chance for you to go deeply into your own chart and see (experience) how your mental defense strategies have controlled your behavior specially in your undefined centers.

The workshops:

  • Week-end workshops: Location in the Hague
  • Workshops by type (Generators)
  • Workshops general (all types)
  • Online workshops: We meet online 6 evenings for 1,5 hour, via Skype or another webconferencing system.
  • On demand, for groups of 5 or more people

Program: Day 1- The Open Centers, Day 2- The Types
Prices: On demand, 200- 250 Euros depending on the type of workshop, number of people and location.
Requirements: At least an “overview” reading session. we can refer you to an Analyst certified to give those kinds of readings.

We advise you to read the Living Design book in preparation for the workshop.