Most people spend most of their active life in the workplace. There, they are confronted with important questions and challenges: am I still in the right position? Do I use my talents enough? Do I work with the right people? this is what I always wanted to do? which place does my work take in my life? or how do I feel without a job?
The problems we meet in our workplace we take home with us, so this can have great impact on our family and social life, and our health .

The Human Design @Work™ program focuses on individuals (employees, self-employed or unemployed) and small groups or teams ( such as MT, project team or department ). By applying the knowledge and methods of Human Design in the workplace  we can shed new light on the mode of functioning in the work context. Both from the individuals and from the team point of view.

For inviduals this is a valuable tool, to orient themselves in these times of change and uncertainty in the labor market, and to take the steps from their own power and strength towards finding suitable work.
Due to the economic pressures, there are much higher demands on teams performance.
A team analysis provides fast and indicates exactly where the power and synergy is in the team, what is dysfunctional, and what improvements are needed to make the team successful.

In an intake interview, we analyse your specific situation and together we formulate the desired results. We then propose a plan of action, using different types of analysis in Human Design supplemented with personal guidance and / or support for the team

In een vrijblijvend intake gesprek nemen we jouw specifieke situatie door en formuleren we gezamenlijk de gewenste resultaten. In functie daarvan stellen we een plan van aanpak op, gebruik makend van de verschillende soorten analyse in Human Design en aangevuld met persoonlijke begeleiding en/of ondersteuning van het team.