In addition to individual counseling in the work process Human Design @Work pays special attention to team building and improving the consistency and performance of the team. In all organizations ,large or small, collaboration and communication are more important than ever. Human Design brings the possibilities and weaknesses of teams in card, within the context of the team goals.

The Human Design team analysis highlights 12 competencies  which together cover all the dimensions of a professional business at the strategic, tactical and operational level. You see there, whom has what skills, and in which areas the focus and strength is and where the weakness is or what is missing.
Where is the leadership, who is in what role ‘in the lead’ and how is the interaction in the team?
Team members in their own power are strongly motivated and perform better.
Targeted “Team Engineering” provides new solutions to old problems and brings the stakeholders together in order to achieve concrete results and improvements.

In all cases, the focus is on the particular individual and / or the team, and not on just a “general” type of person or group. That makes Human Design @ Work ™ an effective method that gives quick results.

When it comes to team synergy and performance, the team analysis combined with an analysis of the individual participants, in order to clarify the role and contribution of each team member. Coaching sessions, individually or in the team, can help to incorporate and integrate the insights and experiences, so they have a lasting impact for the individual and the organization.