Nayla Nasra: Human Design Analyst, Coach and Teacher

naylaNayla Nasra (1958) is a Certified Human Design Analyst, Living Your Design Guide and a qualified Human Design Teacher, registered with the International Human Design School (IHDS) and the  Jovian Archive Corporation.
Nayla followed the new  3,5 years “Certified Human Design Analyst” studies and has been working as an analyst since February 2009. She is also a certified Human Design teacher and teacher trainer.

Nayla has a scientific background (Engineering and Maths Bachelors degree), after finishing her MBA in Management Information Systems, she worked in different international Companies as a Business and Information Systems Analyst and Business Consultant. In her work, the human factor has always been her focus and strength.
Nayla started her training as a therapist and coach 10 years ago. She trained with different teachers and in different methods. In September 2004, she set herself up as an independent coach and therapist, and has taken the title of “healing coach”.

Human Design Certification

1- Human Design Analyst, 2009, including the following certifications:

  • Individual Rave Analysis
  • Incarnation Cross Analysis
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Partnership Analysis

2- Certified Teacher :

Other certificates:

  • Familie Practitioner (2010)
  • Child analyst (2011)
  • PHS (opleiding year 1)
  • Holistic Analyst Human Design (year 1 and 2- 2010-2012)

Additional HD-education (2007-2012):

  • Rave Cosmology series, with Ra Uru Hu (oprichter van het Human Design systeem)
  • Conferentie Ibiza Lectures online series 2008, met Ra Uru Hu
  • Human Design Conference Ibiza Lectures 2009, live with Ra Uru Hu
  • Human Design Conferentie Toronto 2010, live with Ra Uru Hu
  • Organizer, Human Design Transformation Tour 2010 Amsterdam, live met Ra Uru Hu
  • Organizer, Human Design Sexuality, with Alokanand Diaz del Rio (Den Haag, 2011)
  • Organizer, Human Design Cycles and Returns (PTL2), with Martin Grassinger (Den Haag, 2011)
  • Organizer, Human Design Incarnation Cross (PTL3), with Alokanand Diaz del Rio (Den Haag, 2012)
  • Plus an extensive list of lectures and workshops and repeat courses.

Nayla as Human Design Analyst en Coach 

Nayla integrates in her work as a Human Design analyst and coach her knowledge and experience as a therapist and healing coach.
She has developed a comprehensive coaching program in order to follow and support clients after their reading based on Human Design. Many people have found it extremely helpful to have follow-up coaching sessions to fully integrate this information into their lives. Coaching sessions can be useful in certain life phases and situation, such as work and relations and family situations.

Contact Nayla:
E-mail adres:
Telefoon: +31(0) 6 2473 1675
Locatie: Den Haag, Nederland
Skype-name: naynas
fluent in Dutch, English and French and gives consultations and workshops in all 3 languages.
Human Design Profile: 6/2 profile, Emotional Generator.
Nayla lives and works in the Hague with her family.